In Introduction

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As I stated on my front page, be it fate or circumstance, you have wandered onto my small, personal slice of the internet. Welcome, and thank you for visiting. What you might find here will be a varied experience, so let me warn you up front of one very important fact:

I am kind, but I am opinionated.

Now, when most people claim to be opinionated, they really mean they reserve the right to abuse you with their point of view to the exclusion of how you might feel about a subject. I hope never to be that person. I have very strong convictions, but in the end, I will never say you are wrong for feeling a certain way or perceiving something the way you do. I will simply comment you and I see things much differently.

That being said, I am still outspoken about it during moments when it suits me to be. I am a Classical Liberal, once inclined to identify as Libertarian, but upon seeing the title get thrown around the way it has been, I am stepping away from the association. I am bisexual, and in a committed relationship with a same-sex partner while having four children from my previous marriage. As such, you can assume where I would stand on matters like same-sex marriage and gay rights. Alas, the state of Pennsylvania does not share my particular viewpoints, so “Victor” and I are not legally wed.

I am a writer, first and foremost, though. A free thinker, but one with an overactive imagination, and more often than not I express myself through prose before I have much to say in this sort of venue. So, expect my posts to be centered around writing and the creative process. Whenever I wax philosophical, theological (I identify as being Christian and have an informal seminary-level education), or political, it usually means the topic has incensed me beyond the point of silence. But even in those times, I respect differing opinions and will not mind you sharing your perspective so long as you stay cordial while doing so.

That being said, follow my Twitter profile if you want more regular, and abbreviated, comments from me or would just like to say hello. Or, you can introduce yourself in the comments section of this post. Tell me what you would be curious to see me blog about, if anything. I admit, one of the reasons why I hesitated in forming a personal blog has much to do with my limited imagination when it comes to blog topics. Also, if you are a fellow author and would like to guest blog or conduct an author interview, I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, be well, dear friends.


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