Steam, Seers, and Serials

Greetings again, blog followers. I admit, I have had the blog on autopilot for the last month or so as the post-Christmas doldrums and illnesses have worked their way out of our household. That isn’t to say, however, that things haven’t been happening in the background, both with me and one of my favorite fellow authors. So, fetch your popcorn and permit me to bring you up to speed. Get your Kindles warm, my friends, new treats are on the horizon for it.


STEAM COVERAuthor Jessica Fortunato is bringing this new story to you on February 1st. (Exclusively on Kindle.)

Synopsis: Charlotte Amelia Caprice may seem like an ordinary girl.  She has a job she hates, a boss she despises, and zero romantic prospects.   Her friends call her Charlie, when she can keep one for more than a few weeks.  Though Charlie may seem ordinary, she is anything but.  Charlie doesn’t have a heart.  Instead, she has a steam driven machine in her chest, always making her feel less than human.  Gears and pistons have been using her own body heat to pump her blood for over a decade.  There is one small problem.  Her heart is beginning to break. When Charlie meets a brilliant man, one who could save her life, she must choose between being heartless and being alive.  A simple choice for some, but for Charlie living on steam isn’t easy.

If this is the first you’re hearing of Jessica, then I highly recommend remedying that at once. Jess is the author of The Sin Collector and The Sin Collector: Thomas, as well as one of the authors in the Nocturnal Embers short story anthology. Here are a few other places you can find her:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Inevitable Destiny

6468599271_652bacd497For those of you wondering when the next book in my Vampire Flynn Series, Fate of the Seer,  is coming out, the tentative release date set is May 31. Considering we’re four months off from that, though, I wanted to give you guys a novella to whet your appetites. And it features none other than the seer from Book Two, Julian Reichlin.

It marks the first of a potential set of stories called From the Annals of the Supernatural Order. (Which will probably be released a lot like intrusions from the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody expects one.) This one – titled Inevitable Destiny – finds Julian as a normal human, living life as usual in 1970s Stuttgart, Germany. This is, until a visit from his sister throws him headlong into the world of seers and the Supernatural Order. Suddenly a green-eyed vampire hunter, he’s not only the rookie, he’s also responsible for stepping in the middle of a large-scale hunt for vampire dark magician Jasper Ashcroft. When the veil is finally lifted from Jasper’s plans, the threat which is revealed could be one of the largest the Order has ever faced.

A full story synopsis and cover reveal is slated for some time in February. And the release date for Inevitable Destiny is March 6th, thus proving that I like to give other people gifts for my birthday. 😉 If you haven’t read Rebirth of the Seer, I highly recommend doing so, if just to familiarize yourself with Master Julian.


In the meantime, while you wait for Steam and Inevitable Destiny – and especially if you’ve already read The Sin Collector and Rebirth of the Seer – I’ve been releasing one short story and a longer tale in serial format for you Flynn fans.

1. The Vampire Murders – A tale in five parts, being shared with the followers of my Vampire Flynn Series blog. Philadelphia homicide detective Martin Sanchez is the latest officer assigned with the notorious ‘Vampire murders’ case. But when he retraces the steps taken by an old friend, it leads him to none other than an actual immortal killer. Will he be fortunate enough to escape an encounter with the notorious assassin Flynn? Or is Martin destined to be just another casualty? You can read the story from the beginning here.

2. A Maker and His Child – A serial story being released by the dark fantasy e-zine, Bloodtide. When an assassin claims the life of vampire coven master Matthew Pritchard, his child and lover, Allen Hughes, is left to pick up the pieces. What Allen reflects upon, however, is the century and a half romance they shared and the events leading up to Matthew’s final days. Click here to visit the serial’s main page.


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